The 4 Necessary Qualities

(SAUL LOEB/AFP/GettyImages)

Look, Charisma, Leadership, Connection

These are the 4 necessary qualities to becoming a Presidential Nominee and President. You need to either have most of these qualities, or more of these qualities than your opponents. Having all of them almost guarantees you a win.

Our current president, Donald Trump, had all of these qualities.

Look: Trump was the better looking among most of his opponents. His knowledge of looking good on TV from being an experienced TV star helped him out here. But the look category goes beyond facial looks. He had the appearance of height and broadness of stature that balanced out like a Reagan, which made him look the part. More so than the short-stature of a Marco Rubio or the wide-stature of a Ted Cruz. In general, we tend to avoid voting for the lesser attractive looking candidates, shorter looking candidates, fatter looking candidates, really older looking candidates, and many other things.

Charisma: We don’t need to go deep into this as far as President Trump goes. We all get that Mr. Trump is not a boring man. But in general, if the candidate doesn’t have a rock star quality to them, they’re going to lose. Hillary Clinton is the prime example. She had rock stars from Katy Perry to Jay-Z campaigning for her. It all didn’t matter, because she herself was not a rock star like her husband. She never had the excitement about her to bring in the crowds like an Obama or Trump could. Bottom line, if your opponent has more charisma than you, it’s time to start writing that concession speech.

Leadership: Trump set the tone of the election and every other candidate was trying to catch up with him. Immigration hadn’t been a sexy issue in awhile until he spoke on it. He took the strongest positions and came off as having the most command in every thing he spoke on. To put it another way, this is essentially the “take a stand” quality which leads people to follow after someone. Obama setting the tone being the definitive anti-war change candidate, Trump being the strong borders America first candidate. They presented a confidence in one thing they made people believe was the most important thing, stayed consistent in confidence in that one thing, and it projected their leadership ability above all the other candidates.

Connection: It was what all the TV pundits missed. Trump spoke the language of the common man, and he tapped into the anger the country was feeling. These things connected him with everyday people more than his eloquent speaking, fake sounding opponents. I don’t use the word “fake” to say that the other candidates weren’t as genuine. Some may have been. But they all came off more as fake compared to Trump, who said things in a way most politicians would never say it in. It made people feel he was being real. Whether it was actually real or not, that’s your own conclusion to draw, but if a candidate doesn’t seem genuine like a Trump or a W. Bush, they lose.

So how do the most talked about potential Democratic Presidential candidates stack up? I’ll give you my ratings of them in the future. For now, pay attention to see if you can spot the ones that have most of these qualities. Or even more interesting, the ones you can spot that have less of these qualities, and will not be the Democratic Presidential nominee.

Some of the ones getting buzzed about now have no chance of winning the nomination, let alone the presidency.

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