Michelle Obama Would Beat Barack Obama in a 2020 Primary Race

Of course due to the constitution, and the fact that they’re married to each other, this would never happen. But in the current climate of politics leading up to 2020, Michelle Obama would beat Barack Obama in a 2020 Primary Race. But why?

In some ways 2020 is still going to be an anger election similar to 2016. And because of that, like the Republicans in 2016 picking Trump, Democrats are gonna want to pick their own version of a fighter who’s ready to use a tank against Trump’s flamethrower style.

Barack Obama ran a campaign that was perceived as uplifting and hopeful. Dems don’t seem to care much for that kind of message anymore.

Michelle would be different. She’s always been more of the realist between the two of them, and very stern in the things that she supports and believes in, while still being just as down to earth and relatable as Barack was.

People would perceive Michelle Obama as more of a fighter than Barack, and therefore she would win the nomination in what would probably still be a somewhat close race.

But as we know, neither of them are going to run, which leaves the door open for someone else like a Kamala or Biden to take on that role of being the one who will really take the fight to Trump.

That role will certainly not be filled by Michael Avenatti.

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