Could the Democrats Beat Donald Trump in 2020 with a Veteran?

Today the country is celebrating and honoring the sacrifices of soldiers and their families. In the midst of the celebration, a thought arose to my mind. Could the Democrats beat Donald Trump in 2020 with a veteran?

It wouldn’t be the first time the Democrats have tried that strategy. In 2004, Vietnam War veteran and then Senator John Kerry was nominated by the Democrats to run against President Bush. Then came the swift boat ads and Bush was re-elected for 4 more years.

Though this time could perhaps be different for the Democrats for two reasons.

1. Bush also served in the military, so there was not much of an effect to nominating a veteran against him. However, Donald Trump did not serve in the military. Nominating a veteran would be more successful in creating a stark contrast this time.

2. In addition, a veteran could also attract those frustrated with the current feeling of America being divided. What would be a more unifying message than a US veteran candidate that reminds people they’re all Americans, and they should fight together to make the country the greatest it can be, regardless of party. Just like military veterans do.

The question is, what veterans do Democrats have in their deck. They have a few, but of the ones that have been talked about as possible 2020 candidates, they have their pick between John Kerry, Seth Moulton, and Tulsi Gabbard.

I can tell you between the three of them, one of them would have a good chance of doing well in the primaries over the other two.

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