3 Reasons Why Elizabeth Warren Will Not Win In 2020

These are the 3 reasons why Elizabeth Warren will not win in 2020.

Low Charisma

If you don’t attract and excite people to you, you don’t get votes. If Senator Warren was running in 2016, she’d probably have been one of the more charismatic candidates running. There’s not an argument here that Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have any charisma, but one can question whether her charisma can match or outshine a Beto, Kamala, or even a Cory Booker.

Lack of Leadership Perception

Having a perception of being a leader, you have to look the part and sound the part. Looking at Elizabeth Warren, it’s hard to see her in the part of “President of the United States”. She doesn’t look or sound like the person that would be making the final decisions. She looks and sounds more like the person that would be advising or helping create policy on those decisions in a cabinet post. I’m not going to get into specifics, but when it comes down to Presidential elections, certain looks and sounds create more of a perception of leadership than other looks and sounds. You can observe them for yourself in who’s won the last few nominations and elections.

No “cool” factor

Presidential elections are popularity contests. If you’re not cool or at least cooler than your opponent, you’re likely not going to win. The last few elections prove that. As much as people don’t like Trump, no one can deny he has a “bad boy” nature to him that makes some people find him cool. With Obama, he was a smooth talking inspirational sounding figure with a down to earth personality that made everybody think he was cooler than Hillary in 2008. But Elizabeth doesn’t seem to come off as cool as Beto or Kamala. She comes off more like your hippie liberal aunt Sally who you admire for her passion, but sometimes find a little embarrassing.


I know at some point you’ve been thinking this is all very superficial and our elections are more about policy than personality. Maybe they will be in 2020, otherwise Americans will just be looking for a newer cooler shinier toy in 2024.

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